I Just Play All Day.

I Just Play All Day.

At least that seems to be the overwhelming opinion of most people who don't have kids, or even do have kids but work a 9 to 5. I don't get why we're still doing this to each other and comparing our lives, but it really got to me when I had my second baby and felt incredibly lonely. I then felt guilty for feeling low because everyone else thought I had it made, sitting home with my feet up.

It's tough to be a working mom, from home or not. It's tough to be a non-working mom. It's tough to be a parent. Heck, it's tough to be an adult!

While I am so, so grateful to have two different ways to generate some side income from home while I am raising my littles, it is not easy by any stretch. It is just what works for our family! These are some of the toughest years of my life, but they're the most rewarding as well and I know I'll blink and be five years down the road missing when I had two toddlers that needed their momma.

It's another reason why I wanted to start blogging, because I don't have any co-workers and I know there are other mommas or small shop owners in the same boat. So let's make our "office" tribe and have a chat around the virtual water cooler! Drop a comment below if you're doing your hustle at home and can sympathize with what I'm saying - we'll build a network to help motivate us and build that tribe.


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