Do YOUR Disney

Do YOUR Disney

When someone books a Disney trip with a travel agent they’re getting a level of expertise to help guide them through what can be a daunting planning process, especially if they are a first-timer.  But there’s something that I feel really strongly about when it comes to Disney destinations; you need to do YOUR Disney and let go of the FOMO.

You can find Facebook groups galore, Instagram influencers, blogs and vlogs and guidebooks all telling you the best way to make your trip magical and all the things you simply cannot miss out during your holiday.  But if I’m being honest, it is literally impossible to see it all and do it all and afford it all so really early on you need to do a bit of soul searching and focus on what your Disney dreams look like.

This is where having a travel agent is so helpful!  If you book a trip with me, you wont be paying anything additional compared to booking yourself, but I will be there from the beginning to determine what resort fits your needs best, what type of ticket will get you where you need to go, and wether or not you need to invest in a dining plan.  

Just remember that comparison is the thief of joy - don’t let the overwhelming amount of information out there obscure the whole point of your holiday, that it is yours and you can, and should, do exactly as you please!

If you want some help finding your way in the wilderness of Disney holidays to craft the perfectly tailored trip of your dreams, feel free to reach out.  I would love to help you discover YOUR Disney!

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