We suck.

You all knew it was coming - one of the more "woke" eco topics... STRAWS.  So many countries have bans, or have made the swap to paper straws.  Heck, even Disney World has jumped on that bandwagon!  So, what's the real deal?

Straws are the 11th most common form of waste found polluting today's oceans. While they make up less than 10% of the volume, they are a problem largely for two reasons: they generally cannot be recycled and consumption by animals due to the size/shape of the straws.  

They're not the big, bad wolf of the plastic pollution world.  They're more like the annoying gnats that ruin your day at the beach.  They're small and annoying and easily forgotten about then there's a larger pollutant looming BUT we can't sleep on straws.  And when you make the swap it's mean to be a first step, not the finish line.  If you are an able-bodied person, you do not need a straw.

Reusable straws are one of the most user-friendly eco swaps.  It's simple, stylish and a low commitment point.  You don't have to spend a ton of money to make the change and hey, they are available in all sorts of cute colors!  If you want to be a true eco warrior, go for the bamboo option because it'll need more maintenance and cleaning but it's completely biodegradable over time.  Otherwise, metal is a strong choice that should literally last you a lifetime, and that saves a whole lotta straws if everyone was doing it.

If not for all of these statistical reasons, do it for these guys:

Take the No Plastic Straw Please Pledge


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