The Countdown is ON!

In my family, we traditionally get to open one present each on Christmas Eve. This year I decided to use this tradition to reveal to my three-year-old that his is coming with me to Disney World in March!

His gift was a ride-on suitcase, made by Samsonite, and styled after Lightning McQueen. Now, Calvin loves suitcases. You know when you go to TKMaxx and the kids toys are right by the luggage? You'll find him in the luggage. "Oh, oh, look at this case momma!" As he rolls them around and points out various features. I think this might be the thing I love about him most, because I am a luggage/bag/organizer addict who loves a good, feature packed suitcase.

Knowing his love of suitcases, and the fact that he begged me for the 3D McQueen suitcase at Disneyland Paris each day of the trip, I debated a long time about getting the ride-on case. At the end of the day, while it doesn't LOOK like a car, I know the use and enjoyment he will get out of riding around on it will pay off. Plus, it'll save his leg energy in the airport, because we won't have a pram with us on the next trip during our travel day. Then, a few days before Christmas, at TKMaxx he found a Trunki and rode it around the shop so I knew I was on to a winner!

The build up and the excitement is a huge part of a Disney holiday for us. It was hard waiting to tell him, but since his Godmother is going to be on the trip with us we thought it would be a fun reveal to do it on Christmas Eve. The gift was the suitcase, and then it also means we can pull out our fantastic Disney countdown board made by my good friend Kait, from One Little Spark, @one_little__spark. We love getting to swap out the numbers each day and get more and more excited as the trip inches closer!

So here we are, the board is out and we are 70 days away. Come on 2019, let's hurry this up!


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  • So excited for you!! Have a fantastic time!

    Kait [@one_little__spark]

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