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Hey guys, so if you follow me on Instagram (which, you totally should be doing that, cause I'm way better at it than blogging) then you'll know that I love me some planners, stickers, bullet journals, washi, highlighters... Basically, bury me in Paperchase, it's where I'll be happiest for eternity.

Anyway, for 2019 I decided I didn't have time to use a full on bullet journal as my planner anymore because making my monthly and weekly templates was a job, and then some, and I got frustrated with that nonsense. So I turned to the fabulous Becky at Retro From Scratch to get myself a custom planner made!  I designed the pages and layout myself and she refined it and made it come to life.

I couldn't be happier with the finished product and have started to collect a ton of stickers and washi to personalize it!

Here's the rundown of my planner; I found a cover inspired by Carousel of Progress on Red Bubble that was a bullet journal, and sent that to Becky. Unfortunately the cover, while pretty, is very thin so she added a protective plastic cover to help it stand the test of time.  She then rebound the journal with my planner pages and left a great big chunk of bullet journal pages in the back for me to use for other assorted bits and bobs.  Lastly, the journal did some with the back pocket in it, so she left that and it's perfect for my stickers! (Although if you are purchasing one of her in stock covers, add the zipper pouch, I love them!)

So now, here's some photos and also a little video having a peek at my planner. I would love to have a peek at yours! Leave some comments below to share your love of all things stationary.

See ya real soon,


I also added some monthly tabs:

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