It's a beautiful day for a... FLATLAY!

Okay, I may currently be watching a LOT of Daniel Tiger, so the song is stuck on repeat in my head, but it's true. Whenever I get a deliciously sunny day here in Scotland my mind instantly goes to, "What new stuff do I need to get pictures of?"  It's that nonstop small shop hustle, but it's also an excuse to get out all my goodies and play!

Now, for this upcoming trip (oh yeah, 10 days, thanks for asking!) i wanted to push my comfort level and do some flatly of my outfits.  Mostly because I will be rockin' some phenomenal small shops, but also because it's a new thing for me and that's good! So, lets take a peek at my closet for this trip. (And side note, the whole time I did these i thought, I should catalog my whole outfit and get a set up like Cher in clueless to pick my trip clothes. Wouldn't that be amazing?!)

Day one, travel day - we don't arrive at MCO til early evening so we won't make it to the parks so this day is all about COMFORT! I actually won't be wearing the shirt that's pictured, but one from @itsamagicaladventure instead, but it's yet to arrive! This combo with my @loopyhoot happy place tee will be my clothes for the travel day home (this will make sense, just keep reading). And I've got my travel essentials in this amazing zipper pouch from @caseyandthebear.

Day two, Epcot - this park is my home away from home, and I just love that big shiny golfball with all my heart. So when i saw @loopyhoot had an Epcot happy place tee I was the definition of the basic girl, YES PLEASE. Total bonus that my new ears match perfectly, and I have the SSE straw buddy by @shimmeringsplendidearco to top it off!

Day three, Hoop Dee Doo - We love this show and we love getting dressed up and making a real hoopla outta it! So this year, we're going to bound as Minnie, Mickey and Daisy, and go have a grand 'ole time with the gang over at Pioneer Hall.  If you haven't done this, DO IT, and then come find me and thank me and we'll cry about how much we miss the cornbread. My dress is Lindy Bop, with more ears, for both me and wee man, and then his little bowtie is by @lottiedoesdisney, straw buddy from @shimmeringsplendidearco again.

Day four - My friends are getting MARRIED! so i won't be going to the parks. I might hit up Disney Springs, but I haven't planned an outfit. GASP.

Day five, Hollywood Studios - Since there is no representation of the greatest movie in the entire Disney/Pixar library actually in Walt Disney World, I decided I might as well take this next outfit to Pixar Place since that's i guess the closest I'll be getting to the much deserved, but apparently never happening, Wall-E attraction of my dreams. Bag is @amyssmallworld, tee is @teeqco, skirt by @lottiedoesdisney and epic ears by @modernmouseboutique.

Day Six, Magic Kingdom - We've decided on this trip to try ’Ohana for the first time for a fancy Poly dinner. I know, I know, bad Disney fan for having never been before but I'm making a right of my wrongs and hopping over to hula with the best of them before we soak in our last viewing of Happily Ever After this trip.  I went for understated and comfy, but a little dressy and my copper ears by @craftydisney definitely glam this up! Same beautiful bag by @amyssmallworld.

Day Seven, Animal Kingdom - I cannot believe it's when the trip is almost done that I'm finally doing Tusker House for breakfast. It is our absolute favorite and a huge trip tradition for us.  So I'll be rocking my @shop_cpoe Jambo shirt with my @minnieandco jungle ears.

Day Seven, Magic Kingdom - This our last day in the parks, so we're going out with the original park, and getting those last castle views before we board the tragical express.  It's gonna be a tough goodbye, this trip already feels so special and we haven't even left yet, but I'm the queen of comfort when it comes to travel, so i'll be wearing that @loopyhoot happy place tee (for real this time) with a skirt for the parks and then a quick swap to sweatpants for the plane. Topped this tee off with @craftydisney sequin ears and a @shimmeringsplendidearco straw buddy!

So that's it! my first time doing outfit flatlays but I have to admit, I'm hooked. I'm the type of person would plans, packs, spreadsheets, repacks and had eight lists before I travel so a visual aid for my outfits? Again, my basic is showing but, YES PLEASE! Do you plan your outfits for your Disney trips or just throw a bunch of clothes in a case and see what works out on the day? I would LOVE to see some of your favorite outfits in the comments below!

See ya real soon,


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