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If you're a follower over on Instagram and/or TikTok (if not, come say hi!) then you'll know that today is the launch of my new initiative #impossiblechanges which is a weekly series of short, informational videos and/or posts to galvanise for change. 

I started it off with a cute animal because, I mean really, who doesn't love a cute animal?  And if you've never heard of a vaquita, get ready to form a new obsession.  They're the SMALLEST marine mammal, and they have a permanent smile.  Weighing in at as little as 25 pounds, they're a pint-size porpoise you can't help but adore.



The bad new is there are estimated to be less than TEN living in the wild today.  They come from the Gulf of California (which is actually in Mexico!) and they're severely effected by illegal fishing practices in that region.  Of course sea pollution doesn't help either, which is something we'll be talking about a lot in this series, don't you worry.

A beached vaquita porpoise. Painting by Frédérique Lucas.

Now, if you haven't heard of the vaquita before and you give it a google, great! I've got you moving!  But there are other steps you can take to help. You can make consistent choices to lessen your impact on the oceans.  I'm talking plastic here, people. You can only shop sustainable and ethically caught seafood as well, to avoid those producers who use illegal methods like gill nets.

If you feel so compelled, you can also head to https://porpoise.org/save-the-vaquita/ and adopt a vaquita, sign the petition to the Mexican government and even write to elected officials in the region calling on stricter monitoring of the Gulf of California and the regulations in place.

I'd love feedback as I start this new series - did you learn something today? And if you take action and start to make those #impossiblechanges please share with me here, on Instagram or TikTok!


Quick Links:

Adopt: https://give.porpoise.org/gift/adopt-a-vaquita/

Petition: http://chng.it/4bjRgRP84T


Image Credit:

Vaquita in net artwork via porpoise.org

Vaquita photo https://www.pegasusfoundation.org/vaquita-almost-extinct/

Vaquita size comparison https://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/blog/featured-creature-vaquita/

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