We are plastic people, and as far as the environment goes, we're getting a big fat D-grade.  No, wait, a total F because only a shocking 5% of plastic is recycled properly. FIVE.

Here's the thing, people say things like, "That plastic bottle will take 200 years to decompose" and we think, "Well that's terrible!" The truth is, that plastic bottle you leave behind on the beach will never leave the planet.  It don't biodegrade, which is the process of breaking down and returning as new organic material after being digested by micro-organisms.  Instead it will degrade, which is to say it will become broken down to the point the bottle seems to disappear but the plastic will still remain in pieces that are invisible to the eye but continue to poison plants and animals.

Plastic Waste on Beach in Micronesia © Robert Marc Lehmann / Greenpeace

Plastic is for life, y'all.

There's of course still hope, and for such a big problem we need a three-pronged attack: reduce, reuse, recycle. Oh, does that sound familiar? Funny that.

1. Reduce your plastic consumption. Don't get a bottle of water while out, take your own from home. Never take single use straws and cutlery but bring your own (I can help with that!).  Make every effort to reduce your plastic purchases, and when you can't, seek out those made with recycled materials.

2. When you do purchase plastic items - REUSE them.  Eco friendly shopper? Still plastic, but if you give it a long, productive life, then it eventually overtakes the damage of single use bags, but ONLY if you reuse it. 

3. Recycling is key for our plastic problem to change.  Take the time to properly recycle and if something doesn't easily go in the recycling bin, make a plan for taking it to a proper facility to get recycled. Is that super convenient? No. Sometimes you have to do what is right over what is easy, especially when we have no one to blame but ourselves for the state of the planet.

Now, sing it like our good friend Curious George/Jack Johnson, and reduce, reuse, recycle!

infographic - plastic truth

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